Symptoms of Schizophrenia

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  • Schizophrenia and symptoms
    • Negative
      • A minimising or loss of normal functions
      • Affective flattening - a lack of emotions (blank expression)
      • Physical Anhedonia - An inability to enjoy things from past
      • Social Anhedonia - they find it hard to speak to people
      • Avolition - apathy, lack of motivation to follow plans e.g. washing
      • Alogia - where speech becomes lessened, less coherent sentences.
    • Positive
      • These are an excess of a distortion of normal function
      • Delusions
        • A belief that is very unlikely or obviously untrue
        • Paranoid delusions - someone is trying to mislead, hurt or kill them
        • Delusion of Grandeur - they believe they have powers or authoriy
          • On a mission from god, being a secret agent
      • Hallucinations
        • Auditory/visual - Usually hearing voices
        • Voices are critical and unfriendly
        • They may smell, taste + feel things that are not there
      • Catatonic or disorganised behaviour
        • A person behaves in ways that seem inappropriate to societal norms
        • E.g. wearing lots of clothing when it is hot, staying in the same position for lengths of time
      • Disorganised speech
        • A person's speech is unclear
        • Their sentences may make little sense or change topic very quickly with little connection
    • Overview
      • A main feature is a split between emotions and thinking
      • It involves a range of psychotic symptoms (reality break)
      • They normally lack insight into their condition
      • They must follow a pattern of symptoms
      • It can be described as disintegration of personality
      • Onset- Men: 18–25 years; women: 25–35 years
      • It affects 1% of the population
      • Men are more likely to suffer than women


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