Symbolism of the Storm in ActIISceneI

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  • Symbolism of the storm in ActII.Scene1
    • foreshadowing
      • The destruction between the characters' relationships yet to come
    • Storm symbolises Iago's plan - similarly to how the storm overcomes Othello and Cassio's ships his plan will overcome and destroy their lifes
      • Structurally, at end of Act 1 Iago claims that his plan will be a 'monstrous birth', then Act 2 we start with a storm - represents the immediate affect his plan has had on the world - turns it into a dark place, perhaps storm=his plans birth, gives Iago a chance to get started w/o Othello.
        • [Othello = week late result of storm, emphasises fact that Iago always one step ahead].
    • represents chaos
    • like in a storm when one looses their clarity of vision - a comparison to the storm and Iago are drawn because as Iago tightens his grasp on Othello, Othello will lose his sense of clarity and rationality and will be easily misled by Iago like how storms mislead ships and people.


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