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The Importance of Ferdinand and Miranda's Relationship throughout the Play and
how Prospero Holds Complete Power.

In the Tempest Miranda and Ferdinand can be seen as insignificant characters,

because they are such a cliché romantic couple. According to traditional

characteristics, their actions and speeches in the play are limited, because…

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metaphor for these two being in control and taking the role of leadership as the

chess pieces represent their people. Shakespeare uses chess as a symbol of them

being the next rulers.

Even though the older generation has been through hardships and suffering

which Prospero had inflicted on them, they…

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which Prospero controls the interaction between Ferdinand and Miranda when they

are set up as a potential match, they speak according to custom and the tradition of

courtship. The language of tradition and courtship stems from the mainland as

Prospero uses the mainland reflections on the Island to try and…

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only through dramatic irony that the contrast between innocence and deceit is kept


Tamara O'Rourke


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