Shakespeare English Coursework, The Tempest

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The Importance of Ferdinand and Miranda's Relationship throughout the Play and
how Prospero Holds Complete Power.
In the Tempest Miranda and Ferdinand can be seen as insignificant characters,
because they are such a cliché romantic couple. According to traditional
characteristics, their actions and speeches in the play are limited, because of the
typical love story they represent. They are both young and naive which makes their
plot stable. In spite of this they can also be seen as very important characters in the
play because they are one of the building blocks which contribute to the main theme
of the play which is order. These two characters can be seen to be holding the order
in place because they consolidate Prospero's plan of order and reconciliation.
Prospero's plan in the play is to restore order after the injustice done to him
and Miranda. To do this he needs to restore himself as Duke of Milan but also bring
peace between the people who he has had conflict with, as in Alonso. The love that
Miranda and Ferdinand hold is the key to this plan, as Ferdinand is the heir to
Alonso's throne and Miranda is Prospero's heir. This means that together they can
become a very powerful couple if Prospero gains his title again. Also, by them coming
together we are reassured that the future of Milan and Naples will have a good
relationship for the next generation. Even though their characters are simplistic and
can seem insignificant it is their role that makes them significant in the play. They are
the future generation, a representation of a fresh start which stems from the blank
canvas of the island.
In the last act, Act 5 Scene 1 Prospero discovers Ferdinand and Miranda
playing at chess. At this point in the play everyone is congregated together and
Ferdinand and Miranda are revealed together playing chess. This can be seen as a
Tamara O'Rourke

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Shakespeare uses chess as a symbol of them
being the next rulers.
Even though the older generation has been through hardships and suffering
which Prospero had inflicted on them, they are fairly established characters. Antonio
and Sebastian remain reprobates in the background. Gonzalo is as ever noble and
wise. Alonso, even though he regretted what he had done, as he is old we would
expect his characteristics not to change.…read more

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Prospero controls the interaction between Ferdinand and Miranda when they
are set up as a potential match, they speak according to custom and the tradition of
courtship. The language of tradition and courtship stems from the mainland as
Prospero uses the mainland reflections on the Island to try and restore his own place
in the social order. Prospero is as manipulative with Miranda and Ferdinand as he is
with those who express nothing more than the desire to usurp.…read more

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Tamara O'Rourke…read more


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