Supreme Court examples

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  • Supreme Court examples
    • Vote in blocs according to political ideology
      • Gonzales V Carhart
    • Don't always vote in blocs according to their political ideology
      • NFIB V Sebe
    • Presidents try to alter the ideology of the court
      • Reagan - Bork, too right wing, conservative
    • Presidents don't always try to alter the ideology of the court
      • Obama - Sotomayor replaced Souter, both liberals
    • Activist
      • Shelby V Holder, Voting Rights Act checking up on states too much
      • Obamacare
    • Restrained
      • District of Columbia V Heller
      • No limits on guns
    • Conservative
      • Restrictions on abortions
    • Not Conservative
      • Obamacare
    • Like for like appointments
      • Scalia replaced Renquist both extremely right wing
    • Appointments can have a major impact on the ideology of the court
      • Republican Clarence Thomas replaced Democrat Thurgood Marshall
    • Things President considers when nominating
      • Ideological leaning
        • Clinton chose liberal Ginsberg
      • Judicial experience
        • Scalia was a judge
      • Composition of the Senate
        • Anthony Kennedy a moderate Republican chosen by Reagan because Senate controlled by Democrats
      • Diversity and representation
        • Sonia Sotomayor Latina
    • Judges can change ideology once on the court
      • Earl Warren was nominated by Eisenhower and was thought to be extremely conservative but turned increasingly liberal
        • "biggest damn-fool mistake I ever made"
    • Follows stare decisis
      • Gun laws
    • Doesn't always follow stare decisis
      • Abortion Carhart V Gonzales differed from Carhart V Stenberg


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