Reasons why Hitler rose to power

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  • Hitler's Rise to Power
    • Hitler was a great speaker
      • Hitler's speeches were charismatic and decisive
      • Told the audience what they wanted to hear
      • Techniques used for persuasion
    • Moderate political parties would not work together
      • NSDAP only ever had as much as 43.9% of the vote
      • Nazi opposition was split, seven other parties were involved in the elections
    • Depression of 1929
      • Poverty and Unemployment
        • Anger directed towards Weimar
          • Increased support for extremist parties
    • Nazi Storm Troopers
      • Attacked Jews and opposition
        • Fear
          • Less opposition
          • Judges let stormtroopers go free
    • Goebbels' Propaganda campaign
      • Slogans
      • Posters
      • Rallies
      • Marches
      • Films
      • Magasines and newspapers
    • Power from Hindenburg and Papen
      • Hitler offered vice chancellorship
        • Hitler refuses and requests to be Chancellor
          • Papen and Hindenburg agree
            • Thought they could control Hitler
    • Anger at the Treaty of Versailles
      • Hitler promised to overturn Treaty which gave him support
    • Industrialist Support
      • Industrialists helped finance the Nazi election campaigns to ensure communist defeat


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