Key topic 3: Opposition, resistance and conformity

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  • Key topic 3: Opposition and, resistance & conformity
    • Support for the Nazi regime
      • Support for the Nazis
        • The opposition of the churches
          • Many catholic Priests were against Nazi policies and got arrested
            • some were sent to concentration camps and became martyrs
            • Catholic churches were still full every sunday
          • Many Protestant pastors opposed Hitler and the Reich Church
            • They were lead by Pastor Niemoller and set up the confessional church
              • Many pastors were sent to concentration camps- this created more martyrs
        • Many Germans gaining much from Hitler's success & supporting him:
          • There were economic successes which began to erase the depression
          • Germany's international standing grew
          • Some Germans were happy to see the communists, socialists and SA leaders removed
    • opposition from the young
      • The Edelweiss Pirates
        • The Edelweiss Pirates were a loose band of young people across cities which started in 1934
        • They listened to forbidden swing music and created anti-Nazi graffiti
        • They could be recognised by their badges
          • the 'Edelweiss' or skull & crossbones
        • They wore outlandish clothes
        • By 1939- 2,000 members and created no-go areas for Hitler youth in their cities
      • The Swing Youth
        • Swing youth often came from middle-class families
        • They loved swing music
        • They rebelled against the order and disipline of the Nazis
        • They took part in activities that were frowned upon


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