SUPERPOWERS - Ability to act globally

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  • Superpowers decision making and global action
    • superpowers have the ability to act globally (much so for the USA, slightly less for the EU and a lot less for BRICs)
      • Less developed countries look to these powers in times of crisis and need.
    • superpowers can:
      • Intervene in war and conflict, especially when conflict leaks into other nations.
      • can act quickly in crisis response, such as natural disasters or famine.
        • The 2010 Haiti earthquake, USA sent its navy and RAF to respond with food, meds and temp. housing.
      • Respond to terrorism, such as ISIS or Al Quaeda.
        • Since 2001, USA have fought in many countries (Pakistan, Iraq).
      • respond to long term threats (global warming and climate change)
    • USA are expected to act as the 'global policeman'. Their people are reluctant.


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