The sun rising

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  • Sun Rising
    • Structure
      • Form + aubade celebrating the morning. Donne subverts 'busy old fool'
      • ABBACDCDEE (reminds us of a petrarchan sonnet with ABBA, but then subverted. Seems uneven but repeated in each stanza. Organised mess. Rhyming couplet at end signifies an arguement
      • questions in 1st line of stanza 2 (inc. 'why should;t thou think?', and 'lovers' seasons run?') in ref to outside world - unanswered : unimportant
    • Imagery
      • Gender imbalance; masculine possessive pride/ or dominance? 'she's all states and all princes I' connotations of owenership. Also list only contains men.
      • Seasons 'must thy motions lovers seasons run' - sun controls phases of relationship. Interfering
      • 'sight' 'eyes' 'wink' 'blind'- blind to ouside world, only see each other. (see AO4)
      • Childish connotations-'play' 'mimic' BASE- they are superior
    • Techniques
      • Imperatives 'go chide' 'call county ants' authoritative/ kingly tone. Ordering nature around.
      • Violent outburst opening (like canonization' - angry tone subverts traditional aubade.
      • Lists 'school boys, 'prentices, courthuntsmen' = dismissive of contemporary society/ outside world. bed is 'thy sphere'
      • The echo/ worldplay of 'here/ hear' in stanza two- metaphysical superiority above sun.
      • Microcosm 'one bed lay' richness of whole world in one room; 'thou art everywhere'
      • Inclusive; 'we' 'us' not 'I' = gender equality
    • AO4
      • 'court huntsman' James I used to hunt early and they would go with to seek promotion; all contolled by someone greater (like sun) Dismissive of James? Includes him in a list of commoners
      • Neoplatonism' 'eyes' windows to souls.
      • 'India's of spice and mine' exploited; colonisation- or alluring richness/ precious. New and exciting. Objectified?
      • 'All wealth alchemy' rejects ideas of money as they are dazzling (like gold) but superficial like alchemy.
      • Geocentric view of anatomy; 'this bed thy centre is, these walls thy sphere'  rejects new science in order to prove their love is central to his world
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