The Sun Rising


The Sun Rising 

(portrays a very positive attitude to love and also reflects an exploration of the importance and centrality of love for all human existence)

·       Poem both challenges and utilises the aubade form e.g. “Busy old fool”

·       Treats the sun with disdain as he believes that the love he has is better than anything the sun can offer

·       Reveals an idealistic and hyperbolic attitude to love

·       Realistic situation: “Through windows and through curtains call on us”

·       Sense that he is challenging the conventional Elizabethan love poetry and influence of Petrarch as he places his lovers in a scene of requited love and physical satisfaction

·       Speaker believes his love is ideal as love is seen to be greater than the sun; time and seasons à “Must to thy motions lovers seasons run?”

·       Normal everyday activity like those pursued by “late school boys” or “sour prentices” are seen as banal


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