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  • Summerset levels
    • Background
      • low lying region in South West England
      • High water table and poor drainage
      • Winter 2013-2014 prolonged flooding .
        • Villages where cut off
        • Roads cut off
        • Animals had to be moved from 6880 hectors of land
    • Physical causes
      • It was at a natural risk of flooding due to impermeable clay rock and low interception levels (grass)
      • Southern England received 207 mm of rainfall in January 2014. More than double expected
      • There was an increase in winter storms in December 2013 - it was the stormiest December form record began
      • It was one of the windiest Decembers from 1993
      • Parts of southern England experienced thier highest janurary rainfall from 1910
      • High tides caused floodwaters to be backed up along the levels
      • Rivers where at high tide because of previous storms and lack of dredging
    • Human Causes
      • The River Tone and Parrett had not been dredged properly in 20 years
        • This left homes and farmland with out proper defences from flooding
        • Hectares of land had been left underwater from Decembers storms.
        • If the river had been dredged silt would have removed making the channel wider, deep and easier to maintain
      • Extra water was sent into the levels from Taunton and Bridgwater. this was part of a scheme to protect new homes built on anformed flood plaing


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