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  • Sudetenland 1938
    • Czechoslovakia was a country created by the Treaty of Versailles after WW1
      • A part of Czechoslovakia used to belong Germany
      • The Sudentenland was an important industral area
    • 3 million people of 'Germanic origin' lived in the Sudetenland.
      • The Sudetenland was rich in natural resources
    • Impact on Czechoslovakia
      • military
        • Border defences would be lost, no defences on new border
      • Economic
        • Industrial resources (lose 70% of iron and steel industry and 70% of its electrical power
      • Political
        • Czechoslovakia's independence would be nominal as could not defend itself from Hiter
    • Event
      • May 1938
        • Hitler had told his generals to draw up a plan 'operation green' to smash Czechoslovakia by military action
          • 20th May- the Czech army mobilized on their border. This was exactly what Hitler wanted, he accused the Czechs of threatening Germany.
            • Hitler was warned by Britain and France about the dangers of war. Hitler was forced to back down- he was more determined than ever
      • September 1938
        • After Hitler took Austria he made it clear that he wanted to do the same in the Sudetenland.
          • On the 7th of  September 1938, the German sudetn party demanded union with Germany
            • There were riots, German newsreel showed 'evidence' of Czech 'atrocities' against the Sudeten German. Hitler demands the Sudetenland became part of Germany
      • GB, France, Italy and Germany had avoided war


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