The Sudetenland Crisis



  • Czechslovakia was a country created by the TofV after WWI
  • A part of it used to belong to Germany
  • It was an important industrial area
  • the leader of czech.... was concerned about hitler
  • He asked britain and France to help if any attack ever arrised, both accepted
  • Despite promising he never, Hitler did have a plan. Nazi's in the Sudetenand convinced the public to want to rejoin Germany
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Breakdown of what Hitler Did

  • April 1928, denied ever wanting to atack Czech..
  • May 1928, said he would fight if neccassary
  • Sep 1928, said he was interested in some parts of the Sudetenland
  • Sep 22 1928, (a week later) said he wanted control of all the Sudetenland
  • Oct 1938, Hitler sent troops to sudetenland
  • Mar 1939, Hitler controlled the whole of Czechslovakia
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EXCUSE: Hitler claimes the czech's were mistreating Germans and he wanted to 'rescue' them

Real Reason: Hitler wanted to expand his terriotory (Lenbensraum) and reap the benefits of the industrial area

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