sudeten crisis

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  • The Sudetenland Crisis & The Munich Agreement
    • The Sudetenland
      • WHY?
        • He thought the USSR might invade Germany through Czechoslovakia
        • He needed factories, railways, forts and valuble materials for his war efforts
        • Taking the Sudetenland would be the first step into desroying Czechoslovakia which had been created by the Treaty of Versaille.
        • The Sudetenland was a good base from which to invade Czechoslovakia and gain Lebenstraum
        • There were 3 million german speaking people who caimed they were being persecuted by the Czech's and needed rescuing.
      • April 1938
      • The Sudetenland was apart of Czechoslovakia but contained 3 million German speaking people as it was apart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918.
      • Hitler encourages Konrad Henlein, leader of the Sudeten Nazis, to rebel, and demands a union with Germany.When the Czech government declares martial law, Hitler threatens war.
    • The Munich Conderence
      • September 1938
      • 29th September it was decided that the Czech's had to give Germany the Sudetenland as long as Germany promised not invade the rest of Czechoslovakia.
      • Chamberlain used the policy of appeasement to keep Hitler happy and avoid war.
      • The Czech were not invited to the final meeting and were forced to agree to give away the Sudetenland or they could fight Germany alone
      • The Czech's were left humliated and Chamberlain left for Britain as a hero, it appeared that war had been avoided and Chamberlain said that the agreement had secured 'PEACE FOR OUR TIME'
      • In reality Britain and Frace had shown that they were weak and Czechoslovakia  was now left defenceless


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