Battle of Issus 333BC

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  • The Battle of Issus 333BC
    • Darius' movements
      • Darius in Syria, by Sochoi. Superior numbers & strategically strong position
      • He & Alexander missed one another (AR+PL). Furious, Darius had the sick/ wounded Macedonians at Issus mutilated/ killed (AR).
      • Instead, Darius moved north through the Amanian Gates, and into Cilicia. He expected to fight only half of the Macedonians at this time (AR+PL).
      • Dismissed Amyntas' advice fight Alexander on  Syrian plains, huge numbers & cavalry superiority would count (AR+PL).
        • Arrian criticises Darius, political leader not general, unwise as he listens to flatters. Was less patient as Alexander delayed
    • Alexander's Movements
      • Before Alexander recovered at Tarsus, he'd sent Parmenion and half the army toward Assyrian gates (AR)
      • Having heard Darius was at Sochoi, Alexander moved the other half of his army, set up camp in Myriandrius (AR)
      • Found out Darius was behind him, sent galleys to Issus to find out if true. Then marched back with whole army (AR+PL)
        • Hadn't sent enough scouts, cut off supply line as Persians blocked conquered territory
    • Alexander's Speech
      • Macedonians have been successful before, higher morale
      • Persians can't use strength in numbers, narrow gap at Pinarus River
      • Persians- softer lives, Macedonians made for war
        • Macedonians have a better general
      • Macedonians are free men, Persians = slaves
      • Alexander's - fighting for Greece, Darius' for pay
        • Mentions they will have Persian wealth though
      • Went to each person and reminded them of what they had achieved
        • Skill as military leader troops would remain loyal
          • Alexander shows he cares for them & Greece
      • Gods on side - Darius left open ground that favoured Darius
    • Battle
      • Alexander's approach slow and deliberate in column, did not want a break in line (AR)
      • Outnumbered but gave no opportunity for enemy to circle him,led his right own wing, managed to extend it around the enemy's left (AR+PL)


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