Anatomical votive from the shrine of Asclepius

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  • Anatomical votive from the shrine of Asclepius
    • c.1st century AD
    • features
      • incription dedeicating it from Tyche to Ascelpios and Hygieia as a thank you
        • suggests the main gods worshipped
        • records reciprocal relationship between mortal and gods
      • pictue of leg suggesting the leg was helaed
        • people would dedicate iamges of what body aprts had been cauing them problems
      • made of marble
        • expensove material showing gratitude of devotee to the healing culkt
      • votive offering found in the shrine of Asclepius
        • cults popuklatrity as Greeks woukd see the votive as evidence so more likely to aprtake
      • shows the success of worship
        • people were successfully treated revealing the medical/scientific approach alongside religious to treatment


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