Sub-cultural theories of crime and deviance

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  • Sub-cultural theories of crime and deviance
    • Merton's strain theory
      • legitimate and illegitimate means
        • american dream - money success
        • anomie (pressure) to succeed but no help
        • deviant adaptions to strain
          • conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism and rebellion
    • Cohen's status frustration theory
      • status hierarchy
        • cultural deprivation
        • join or form own delinquent subculture
        • turn society's values upside down
    • Cloward and Ohlin's three sub cultural theory
      • Untitled
      • deviant subcultures formed because of blocked opportunities
        • criminal, conflict and retreatist subcultures
    • Miller's focal concerns theory
      • 6 focal concerns
        • toughness, trouble, excitement. smartness, fate and autonomy
      • own goals - not frustrated by failure of mainstream goals
      • independent subcultures
    • Matza's delinquency and drift theory
      • delinquents drift in and out of crime (no man's land)
      • subterranean values
      • techniques of neutralisation


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