Stratified sampling

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  • Stratified sampling
    • Stratified sampling 2
      • You can use  each cell in a two-way table as a stratum
      • You need to ensure that the proportion of the stratum in sample is the same as its proportion in the population
    • Stratified sampling 1
      • A stratum is a group in the population
        • In a stratified sample, the relative sizes of the groups in the sample are the same as their relative sizes in the whole population. For example: if there were twice as many boys as girls in a population, then you need twice as many boys as girls in the stratified sample
      • Number in the sample for each stratum = (stratum size divided by population size) multiplied by the number in a sample
    • Stratified sampling can be used when the population can be split into distinct groups
    • The advantage over simple random sampling is that you can certain that all the groups are represented in the sample. This may not be true for simple random sampling


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