Storm hazards

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  • Storm Hazards
    • Huge spinning storms with strong winds and torrential rain
    • Specific conditions needed to develop
      • Area of low pressure
      • Sea water must be above 27 degrees celsius
        • so form in tropics as water is warm enough
      • convergence of air in lower atmosphere, which forces warm air to rise
      • Location at 5 degrees from the equator
        • coriolis effect isn't strong enough to make them spin
          • force that is caused by earths rotation which deflects path of winds but its weaker at the equator
    • Lose strength as they travel over land as their supply of warm, moist air is cut off
    • move westward, due to easterly wins in the tropics (trade wins)
      • also move away from the equator
    • characteristics
      • hundreds of kilometres wide
      • circular shape
      • last 7-14 days
      • low pressure at centre called the eye
      • rising air spirals around the eye wall causes strong winds
    • Saffir-simpson scale
      • based on wind speeds
      • estimates how much damage a storm of a given magnitude will do
      • 5 categories, 1 is weakest and 5 is strongest
    • satellite imagery
      • certain cloud formations can be identified from this and are able to tell when a tropical storm is forming
        • they can use this to work out when and where the storm is likely to hit land
          • path of or tropical storm can be predicted


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