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  • Stimuli
    • Nursery Rhyme
      • Get the lyrics  of the song and get them wrote on the body of a model (arm,face,legs,ect).
      • Showing true meaning through the use of portraits
      • use objects to empty the story to make the viewer think which nursery rhyme it might be.
    • Floating
      • Floating leaves looking peaceful gradually moving down a river
      • Meaningful words floating in the sky
      • go to a swimming pool, get objects to float, take image from underneath.
    • Atmospheric Perspective
      • Landscape image of a lake in the early mornings
      • Capture a busy rural area from a high point.
      • Capturing still life images, from far away. while exagerating the coloures in photoshop.
    • Cross-over
      • Still life image of objects crossed. ( train tracks, cutlery ect)
      • "Crossing-over to the dark side", showing good turning to evil.
      • take images of basket ball players doing the cross over move.
    • Chiming
      • Get close up shots of the inside of clocks, showing how it works.
      • Making an abstract image of the face and hands of a clocks
      • showing close up of bells in churches.


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