Photography Brainstorm

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  • Unit 2 Brainstorm Final Piece Ideas
    • Idea 1 Photograms
      • In this style of Gilbert and George. I will create a sequence of photograms.
    • Idea 2  Blocks
    • Splicing Hanging Mobile
      • In the style of David Hockney, I will splice my image and present it on a hanging mobile.
    • Idea 4 3D Sculpture Shrine
      • This idea consists of having 3 boards hinged together and on each board creating a shrine for a different faith.
    • Idea 5 Treasure Box
      • This idea consists of having mixed media images on the outside, referencing people such as Hans Malm and when opened there is a scroll with further images with objects.
  • Using mixed media, I will print off my images on newspaper and place them onto 3D blocks and stack them.


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