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  • Abstract City
    • Shoot 1
      • Life of the city
        • Shoot the buildings how they are
          • Shoot parts of the buildings.
            • E.g. bottom of buildings with weeds + plants etc. People's legs blurring past.
        • Still buildings, moving people.
          • To show the life of the city and that so much is going on around it.
    • Shoot 2
      • City Ruins
        • Shoot back alleys, car parks etc.
          • Shoot close to the city centre to show that the whole city is slowly being taken over by nature.
    • Shoot 3
      • Re-claimed
        • Abandoned buildings that are functioning but in a different way.
          • E.g. plants and life/around the buildings.
        • Cities / buildings being reclaimed by nature.
        • Shoot back alleys etc with a focus on nature (E.g. weeds etc.)


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