Stella Kowalski

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  • Stella Kowalski
    • Stella was originally from a higher class background alongside Blanche. They both lived at Belle Reve.
      • Married Stanley Kowalski, and left her sister to deal with the deaths of her own family.
    • Relationships
      • Stanley
        • Stella is not afraid to tell Stanley what to do. "Go and wash up and help me clear the table" Stanley clearly is not used to be told what to do by Stella so he (hurls a plate to the floor)
      • Blanche
        • At the start of the play, Stella always listened to Blanche and ran around doing chores for her (like making her own drink) She says "you never did give me a chance to say much"
    • Personality
      • Stella calms Blanche down, showing the sisters are opposites. Her calm personality also counteracts Stanley's violence.
    • Themes
      • Stella's name signifies hope and stability
    • Appearance
      • displayed as casual


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