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  • Blanche DuBois
    • Background
      • She lost her young homosexual husband due to him committing suicide. This has has a big influence on Blanche for example when she hears the gunshots with Mitch.
    • Relationships
      • Blanche and Stella
        • Blanche and Stella are sisters but don't seem very close as Stella seems to be scared of her reactions. Stella says in Scene One that "I got into the habit of being quiet around you."
          • Blanche also seems to have no consideration of Stella's feelings like a normal sister would.
      • Blanche and Stanley
        • They have contrasting personalities and this therefore leads to their conflict (**** in scene 10)
          • Stanley is straightforward and aggressive whereas Blanche is delicate and prefers to live in fantasy.
      • Blanche and Mitch
        • The relationship is very flirtatious at the beginning, however  as the play continues the relationship begins to show cracks. For example when Mitch asks about Blanche's weight.
          • They both depend on each other for support even though they aren't compatible. Blanche only wants Mitch for protection. "I want to rest" and "I want to breathe quietly again"
    • Themes
      • Fantasy vs Reality
        • Society and Class
          • Dependance on the comfort of strangers.
            • Madness
      • Desire and Death
    • Role
      • Higher class in America
        • Directly compares Stanley with herself in terms of class. Leads to conflict between them.
    • Context
      • Blanche uses alcohol to escape reality. Williams used alcohol  because of his depression.
        • William's mother was like Blanche. She was very spoilt. She enjoyed the benefits of wealth.
          • Even though she was educated and from a higher class, Blanche still needing protection from men.
    • Appearance
      • Costume
        • "red satin robe
          • desire passion and romance
          • Warning danger and blood
          • Symbolises old south not new south
        • "She is daintlily dressed in a white suit with a fluffy  bodice, necklace and earrings of pearl, white gloves and hat"
          • White symbolises innocence pure and wealth.
          • Facade- how she wants to appear.
      • "Something about her(...)that represents a moth"


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