Stanley Kowalski Mindmap

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  • Stanley Kowalski
    • Relationships
      • Stella
        • "Stell its gonna be alright after after she goes, and you've had the baby"
          • Stanley and Stella's relationship has suffered because of Blanche.Stanley used this as an excuse to get rid of Blanche.
      • Blanche
        • Stanley uses his dominance over Blanche. From the moment the two character's meet, we can tell it isn't going to end well, by the tension between them.
          • Stanley can't seem to stand the fact that Blanche will stand up for herself and dare to go against him. (the radio in scene 3)
      • Mitch
        • Stanley and Mitch used to be in the same regiment in the war, however they have very different personalities as Mitch is more sensitive then Stanley.
          • Stanley is the leader of his freinds as in scene 3 all his freinds treat him like he is the victim. "Poker shouldn't be played in a house with women".
    • Background
      • Stanley is supposed to represent the "New America" Which is the opposite of Blanche's old south ideals.
      • Stanley fought in the Second World War (1939-1945) just two years prior the play takes place. This may explain the soldier mentality he still has.
    • Appearance
      • "blue denim work clothes"
        • "strongly compactly built"
      • Personality
        • "He seizes the paper lantern tearing it off the light-bulb.
          • "He stares at her again his mouth slowing curving into a grin".
        • "a different species"
    • Themes
      • Sexual desire
      • masculinity
      • Physicality
    • Context
      • Williams had a very violent father and he has portrayed this through Stanley.
      • Napoleonic Code: New Orleans was influenced by this?
      • Stanley thinks he deserves to known about Belle eve as he is married to Stella?


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