P2a topic 1 static electricity

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  • static and current electricity
    • static electricity
      • build-up of static electricity is caused by friction
        • when two insulating materials are rubbed together electrons are scrapped off one an put onto another
          • this leaves a positive charge on one and a negative charge on the other
            • like charges repel, unlike charges attract
      • static electricity can cause little sparks or shocks
        • shocks from door handles
        • clothing crackles
        • car shocks
        • lightning is also static electricity
      • uses and dangers of static electricity
        • uses:
          • paint sprayers
            • even coat
            • nothing goes to waste
            • no paint shadows
        • dangers:
          • fuel filling
            • cause spark in fuel which explodes
        • solution:
          • earthing
            • connecting charged object to the ground
              • static charge takes the easy route which prevents an explosion
    • charge and current
      • electric current
        • rate of flow of charge
      • charge= current x time
      • more charge passes around the circuit when a bigger current flows
    • cells and batteries supply direct current
      • direct current(d.c.) flows in the same dircetion


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