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Static Electricity
Electricity Topic 1…read more

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A brief introduction...
· Static electricity can build up when two insulating
materials are rubbed together.
· The friction moves electrons from one material
onto the other.
· This leaves a positive charge on one of the
materials and a negative charge on the other.
· Opposite charges attract (positive and negative)
· Like charges repel (positive and positive)…read more

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Electrons and Charges...
· A polythene rod becomes negatively charged when rubbed with
a duster because it gains electrons.
· A charged polythene rod will attract small pieces of paper if
they are placed near it.
· The closer two charged objects are together, the more strongly
they attract or repel.
· If a positively charged object is connected to earth by a metal
strap, electrons flow from the ground to the object, and the
object is safely discharged.
· Build up of static can cause sparks if the voltage (or potential
difference) between the object and the earth is big enough.…read more

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Examples of Static Electricity
· Smoke precipitators
· Photocopiers
· Crackling clothing
· Thunderstorm
· Grain chutes, paper rollers and the fuel filling
nightmare…read more

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Smoke Precipitators…read more

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A laser printer works in a similar way:…read more

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