Baldwin as PM

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  • Stanley Baldwin as PM
      • He was  respected by everyone and was liked on all sides of the House of Commons
      • He  had very few political enemies
      • He wanted to introduce protectionism to help relieve unemployment,but Bonar Law had told him that he would not be able to do this without first colsulting the electorate. A general election was called.
        • Unemployment = intractable million ( 10% on the insured workforce was on the dole in 1923
      • It wasn't necessary to call an election as the Conservatives  had a comfortable majority
        • Perhaps  he did it because he  was seeking a personal mandate to carry on so that he could reinforce his dominance  of the party
    • Election results of  6 December 1923.  The Conservatives won about the same number of seats as they did in the previous election, but they secured significantly fewer seats
      • Why? The Liberals were now united
      • It was a 'hung parliament' and Baldwin was forced to resign
        • The King called on the leader of the second largest party to  try to form a government: Ramsay MacDonald - the Labour party


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