Stages of Attachment

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  • Stages of Attachment
    • Schaffer and Emerson (64)
      • Measured Separation Protest and Stranger Anxiety
      • Attachments are made on who are the most responsive to the child.
    • Pre-Attachment Phase (0-2 m)
      • Attracted to people rather than objects. Smile at anyone
    • Indiscriminate Attachment Phase (2-7 m)
      • Distinguish between people they know. They will smile at people they know but will let people look after them
    • Discriminate Attachment Phase (7 m)
      • Start to form attachments with their caregivers. They experience separation protest and stranger anxiety
    • Multiple Attachments Phase (8 m)
      • Start to form attachments with other people
    • Reciprocal Relationships Phase
      • Predict responses of others and how to influence behaviours of others


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