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  • Attachment
    • Caregiver-infant interactions
      • Reciprocity
      • Interactional synchrony
    • Attachment figures
      • The role of father
      • Parent-infant attachment
    • Schaffer and Emerson: Study of Attachment
      • Method:      60 babies Glasgow  longitudinal. The mothers were asked questions about the kind of protests the babies showed when separated (separation anxiety) and their response to unfamiliar adults (stranger anxiety).
      • Schaffer's stages of attachment
        • Stage 3: Specific attachment. around 7-9m. shows stranger anxiety and separation anxiety when separated from one familiar adult
        • stage 2: Indiscriminate attachment 2-7m. The baby shows preference for people rather than objects. they prefer familiar adults but still accept care from anyone
        • Stage 4. Multiple attachments. 9m+. they become increasingly independent and form secondary attachments
        • stage 1: Asocial stage. first few weeks. The baby responds the same way to humans and objects
    • Animal studies of attachment
      • Lorenz;s research
      • Harlow's research
    • Explanations of attachment
      • Learning Theory
      • Bowlby's monotropic theory. Adaptive, Social releasers, Critical period, Monotropy, Internal working model
    • The Strange Situation
      • Procedure
      • Findings
    • cultural variation in attachment
      • key study: Van Ijendoorn
    • Theory of maternal deprivation
      • Bowlby's 44 thieves study
    • Romanian orphan studies: Effects of Institutionalisation
      • Michael Rutter
    • Attachment and later relationships


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