Staff Development Systems

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  • Staff Development Systems
    • Examples
      • Performance Management
      • Continued Professional Development
      • Training & Development
      • Staff Support Systems
    • Advantages
      • Highly skilled workers that are able to work to a high standard
      • More motivation
      • More flexible workforce
      • Organisations will be competative
    • Training
      • Training is provided to:
        • Teach the staff new skills or knowledge
        • Further develop their existing skills
        • Prepare staff for promotion
      • In-house Training
        • Within the company
        • Benefits
          • Cheaper than External Training
          • Cuts down on travel time
          • Provided when suitable and needed
          • Staff may feel more confident in their own workplace
          • Training will be specific to the needs of the staff
        • Costs
          • Quality of training may not be as good, if non-specialist trainers
          • Training may be interrupted, if more urgent work needs comlpeting
      • External Training
        • Provided by another organisation
        • Advantages
          • Delivered by specialist staff
          • Less Interuptions
          • Opportunity to network
        • Disadvantages
          • Expensive
          • May have to place staff on a waiting list
          • Might use different equipment/ software
    • Appraisal Systems
      • This is a meeting between a member of staff and their line manager
      • Staff usually complete a short questionnaire alongside their line manager
      • Staff training can be identified &a plan prepared for the year ahead
      • Advantages
        • Improved staff motivation
        • Staff can discuss career oportunities
        • Opportunity for managers to praise staff
        • Improved communication
        • Identify training needs
        • Targets can be set
      • Disadvantages
        • Time required to: Plan, Organise & Carry Out
        • Managers have to be trained
        • Staff may not respect managers




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