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  • Spread sheet Software
    • -It is used for manipulating numbers and doing calculations and models for real-life situations.
      • Used for making calculations, asking 'what if?' questions and producing graphs and charts
        • A 'what if?' calculations is changing the data in the spread sheet model which allows you to predict things.
      • Consists of workbooks which are divided into worksheets. Worksheets consist of cells which can contain text, number or formulas.
        • Cells
          • A cell reference starts with a letter and ends with number i.e c5
          • A range of cells is a column.
          • A block is both rows and columns.
          • text, labels, formulas, formatting functions and data
            • Formulas
              • Appear in the formula bar and automatically recalculate data depending on the formula.
            • Functions
              • SUM, AVERAGE  and  IF
            • Formatting
              • Content of a cell can be changed, style, colour, size border styles and background
          • Merging Cells
            • When loads of cells merge to make a large cell.
          • Replicating Cells
    • Benefits of using a spreadsheet
      • Automatic recalculation
      • Graphs and charts
      • Replication
      • 'What if?' calculations and any calculation
      • Formulas


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