Sperry and split brains

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  • Sperry and split brain
    • 11 ppts in study
      • All had undergone the split brain surgery
      • Sperry found the two hemispheres work independently
      • During the tests it was shown that if an object was in one hand it could not be recognised by the other
      • The right hemisphere is where objects are identified so if something is placed in to the left hand it can be identified.
        • However if it is placed in the right hand the left hemisphere cannot identify it
      • If an object was placed in either hand the hand was only able to recognise that object
        • If these objects were then put in a pile the objects would be found by only their respective hand
    • A split brain is where the corpus collosum has been cut
      • The official name for this surgery is a corpus colostomy
      • This operation is performed only during extreme cases of epilepsy
        • Less extreme measures are used now and things like medication are used instead
    • Sperry's research began in 1968
      • He was awarded noble prize in 1981


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