Split-brain research into hemispheric lateralisation

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  • Split-brain Research into Hemispheric Lateralisation
    • Who conducted split-brain research? + what year
    • What did they aim to find out?
    • Participants
      • What was similar about all of Sperry's participants?
        • What does this involve?
      • What effect did this have on the ppts brains?
      • What did it allow Sperry and his colleagues to do?
    • Procedure
      • Draw the setup for Sperry's procedure
      • Explain the procedure
      • What would happen in the normal brain?
      • What would happen in the split-brain?
    • Findings
      • What happened in the 'describing what you see' condition?
      • What could ppts not do in the 'recognition by touch' condition?
        • What cpuld they do?
        • What could the left hand do?
        • Where were the objects placed?
      • Which hemisphere was dominant in terms of recognising faces?
      • When asked to match a face from a series of other faces...
      • What was the composite picture shown?
      • What is a composite word + example
      • If two words were presented simultaneously, one of either side of the visual field....
      • What could the right hemisphere do instead of speak?
  • RVF:
  • LVF:
    • Why is this?
    • What would happen in a normal brain?


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