Species Diversity AS AQA biology Unit 2

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  • Species Diversity
    • Number of different species in given area
    • proportion of community made up of individual species
      • 2 areas may have same number of different species but the proportion may differ hugely
    • Measuring species diversity
      • d=N(N-1) /    En(n-1)
        • gives a value that makes it easier to compare between bio-variety of different areas. More precise
  • higher 'd' greater S.D.
  • Areas with greater species diversity will be more able to adapt to changing conditions.
    • Agriculture select species for qualities making them more productive reducing no. of alleles to just the desired few.
      • Space claimed for desired product, reducing space for others, reducing BD.
    • Deforestation - forest, many layers for different species, reduced to just one. ^ competition, species diversity v
      • Animals have less habitat. Only some can adapt, many die, loss of species.
        • Sp. diversity REDUCED
  • competition
  • pesticides


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