Space (part 1)

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  • Space
    • The Solar System
      • 8 planets and asteroids
        • Mercury, Venus, Earth Mars
        • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
        • Asteroid belt
      • Held together by gravitational attraction
        • Larger things attract smaller things (why planets orbit stars)
        • Gravity makes things already moving change their course (so why planets orbit)
        • The circular orbits create centripetal force
    • Asteroids and comets
      • Astreoids
        • Between Mars and Jupiter
        • Didn't form a planet because of Jupiter's large gravitational attraction interfering
        • Made of rock
      • Comets
        • Made of rock, dust and ice
        • Orbit in elongated eliptical orbits
        • The tail on comets near the sun is the ice burning up
        • They speed up as they near the sun
    • NEOs
      • Asteroids or comets on collision course with the Earth
      • If they are small, they will burn up in the atmosphere
      • They can be deflected by exploding a bomb on or near its surface
      • The Moon
        • Formed when a Mars-sized object collided with the Earth
        • Has a lower density than Earth
        • Doesn't have a large iron core


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