Soviet Expansionism in Eastern Europe

A mindmap showing the Soviet Unions expansion into Eastern Europe in the 10 years following world war 2.

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  • Soviet Expansionism in Eastern Europe
    • The Warsaw Pact
      • Formed in 1955 as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance
        • Response of the USSR to NATO
          • Agreed to use force in any of the countries threatned
      • Poland
        • Communism imposed on Poles by Stalin
        • Lublin government
        • Weakened popular Polish parties by merging with Polish Socialists
      • Romania
        • Soviet army remained in country after WWII forcing the appointment of a communist government
      • Hungary
        • Smallholders party challenged by communists joining with other parties
        • Elections rigged
        • Opposition executed
        • All anti-Soviet opposition removed by 1949
      • Bulgaria
        • Manipulated elections removed any opposition
        • False charges pressed against strongest opposition leader, Petkov, and he was excuted
          • His party absorbed into communist movement
      • Czechoslovakia
        • Czech communists popular before Stalin arrived
        • Czech communist leader accepted economic aid in 1947
          • Led to non-communist opposition forcing them out of office only to be replaced by a pro-Moscow government
    • Soviet explanations
      • Americans were seen by Russians as imperialist
        • Justified the Soviet sphere in Eastern Europe
          • Prevented Euro counties becoming sucked into an American economical bubble
        • Soviets came to see themselves as a defender against US imperialism
      • Accused the US of becoming a threat as the Americans put military bases away from the USA
      • Stalin determined to protect Soviet national interests
        • Saw that commitment from the Eastern bloc gave the Soviets power and power gave them security
    • The Polish Question
      • Agreements at Yalta saw the Soviet agree to free elections
        • Didn't allow this to happen in Poland
      • Poland had always been the place from where Soviet enemies had attacked
        • Essential that they came under Soviet influence
          • Installed communist puppet pro-Moscow government
      • America saw Poland as an example as to what could happen in other European states


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