Soviet attitudes in 1945

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  • Soviet attitudes in 1945
    • Stalin's foreign policy was conditioned by the severe loses endured in WII.
      • Over 20 million Soviet citizens died as a direct result of the war.
    • Stalin's mail aim was to safeguard and rebuilt the Soviet Union.
    • Aim- to take advantage of the military situation in Europe and to strengthen Soviet influence.
      • To prevent another invasion from the West.
        • Tried to occupy as much of Eastern Europe as possible.
          • The West saw this as evidence of communist expansionism.
    • Russia had been invaded three times in the 20th century.
      • Stalin's aims were more traditional. He believed that what the USSR got after the war would be determined by the degree of losses it had endured.
      • The Problem with Stalin's aims was that they would result in Soviet domination of a large part of Europe.
        • This was unacceptable to the USA.
    • The situation in Europe provided Stalin with an opportunity to establish a buffer zone.
    • Soviet obsession with security was difficult for the West to understand.
      • America saw this as an interest to spread communism.
      • Soviets were more interested in survival rather than spreading world revolution.


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