Contorversy A: Emergence of the Cold War

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  • Factors
    • Traditional great power rivalry
      • Geopolitical inevitability of  US-Soviet conflict
        • Historians LaFeber + Halle US and Soviets mate whilst expanding
      • TraditionalRussian expansionism
        • Tradition Russian sense of fear. Defensive expansionism. invaded 1812, 1915,1918and 1941
      • US interventionism
        • Caused CW after 1945 because aggravated USSR
    • The leaders
      • Roosevelt
        • Naive & made too many concessions. Duped by Stalin over free elections in Poland.
          • Shrewd: made gains at Yalta. His death removed only western leader that may have extended cooperation with Soviets
      • Truman
        • Lack of international experience.
        • Personal characteristics. lacked patience.
      • Stalin
        • Aggressive nature and  Brutality & expansionism. Paranoid after roosevelt death.
        • Berlin Blockade 1948-1949 mistake
    • The emergence of the Cold War (Controversy A)
      • Dates and events
        • The early stages of the cold war 1945-1949
          • The Yalta Conference (1945)
            • Big 3 - published TDOLE : Outlined plans for post-war Europe
              • Showed unity between members of TGA However: some issues were unresolved
              • Ussr to have sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.
          • The Potsdam Conference (1945)
            • Negociations were difficult due to stalin's behaviour prior to the conference
              • Dismantling European factories and re building them in the Ussr
              • However: Potsdam was significant as if showed Big 3 were still working together
        • Stalinistaion of eastern Europe
          • Satellite States
            • Stalin felt threatened by US marshall plan1947 - So tightened control over eastern Europen
              • Rigged elections 1947 - led to communi Hungary.
              • 1949 Europe Russian satellites
            • Western reaction:  Truman horrified. CW tensions deepened
          • Berlin Blockade
            • Stalin cut off routes between west and east Berlin because f increased US, British cooperation
              • The Berlin Air lift. US provided 13,000 tonnes of supplies to West Berlin. Stalin Backed down
    • Misjudgements and misperception
      • Post revisionist approach
        • Relations deteriorated due to numerous things .. which led to M & M
      • Events
        • US hadn't been invaded.. couldn't empathise with USSR security  need 1945
        • Truman Doctrine 1947 based on false assumption Ussr was actively supportingGreek Comm
        • Marshall plan was misinterpreted by Kremlin as a calculated attempt to weaken soviet security interests


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