Composed upon Westminster Bridge

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  • Composed upon Westminster Bridge
    • What Happens?
      • Depicts beauty and tranquility
      • London morning, very early
      • Written on Westminster bridge
    • Meaning
      • In awe of London as city sleeps
      • Reflects on beauty of London without normal bust + chaos of normal urban environment
    • Key Quotations
      • 'Earth has not anything to show more fair'
      • 'Like a garment wear the beauty of the morning'
      • 'And all that mighty heart is lying still'
    • Structure and Form
      • Petrachan sonnet
      • Volta at start of the sestet
      • Regular rhyme scheme
      • Iambic pentameter, reflects peace + tranquillity of moment
    • Context
      • Romantic poet usually writing about nature
      • Crossing bridge with sister very early one morning
      • Industrial revelation - state of cities
    • William Wordsworth
    • 1802
    • Language
      • Spondee of final line
      • Word choice - peace and calm
      • Awe and wonder
      • Hyperbole of descriptions
      • Personification of the city


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