Song by Lady Mary Wroth

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  • Song
    • Conceit=love is like a child
      • Children are selfish and you don't get any praise if you do something good to them, in fact you just get  a small rest from the wailing -"
      • Love always demands more and is never satisfied- "never satisfied with having"
      • Playing on the ideas of cupid baby causing mischief with love
    • Cynical interpretation of love
      • Warns others to stay clear of love completely
        • "Trust not one word"
        • She has obviously been hurt, but speaks in a controlled fashion which indicates giving advice
    • Endless folly
      • Always lead down the same pointless route
      • Folly= doesn't know what is valuable
    • "What he promiseth he breaketh" = children lie
    • Craving= very powerful emotion, often for something you can never have - love ought to appreciate what it has
    • She only asked for love to be satisfied. Satisfied=  compromised/mildly happy
    • Vow=dedicated and important. His vows are false
    • Will enjoy winding you up to let you go.
    • Lots of conflicting language shows her battle through love and we sympathise
      • Triumph and glory show a winner and a loser at opposite ends of the spectrum
    • Rhyme to the poem adds to the idea of a child's nursery rhyme
      • Nursery rhymes often seem nice on the surface but have a truly horrible meaning once dissected
    • Chant like nature to poem suggests it is a warning
    • Feathers
      • Go which ever way the wind does and are not firm or subsantial
        • Yet, still beautiful which suggests deep down she still does long for love
    • Wolves
      • and get their prey in a calculated manor and then destroy it


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