Sociology- Ethnic difference in family patterns

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  • Black families
    • Ethnic differences in family patterns
      • Asian families
        • Bangladeshi,Pakistani and Indian households tend to be larger
        • Such households sometimes contain three generations but most are nuclear
        • Large households due to fact that there are a higher proportion of Asians in childbearing age groups
          • Also reflect the value placed on extended family
        • Ballard 1982 found that extended family ties provided an important source of support among Asian migrants between 50s and 60s
    • Higher proportion of lone parent households
    • 2012= Half of families with dependent children headed by a black person were lone parent families
    • High rate of these lone families can be seen as evidence of family disorganization that can be traced back to slavery
    • Slavery- when couples sold separately children stayed with mother
    • Mirza 1997 argues that higher rates of lone parent families reflects the high value that black women place on independence
    • Reynolds 2010 argues that the statistics are misleading and many lone parents are stable and supportive


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