Divides Within Socialism


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  • Socialism
    • Utopians
      • Thomas Moore wrote a book on 'utopia' = "no private man can want anything; for among them there is no unequal distribution
      • Perfect unrealistic view of life that unlimited possibilities of human development are possible
      • Robert Owen (UK) and Charles Fourier (France
    • Can be seen in part as a response to Liberalism. Became more apparent in the late 19Th Century
    • Revolutionaries
      • In 1948, Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels wrote the communist manifesto which outlined a particular form of socialism
      • As well as Marxism, Communism (lenin), Stalinism, Trotskyism and Maoism
    • Reformist (more successful)
      • REVISIONIST = peaceful followers of Marx
      • FABIANS = little change at a time, gradualists. Predominantly middle-class. (H.G. Wells)
        • More left-wing and still visible today. Still believe in the core value of abolishing capitalism but aim to do it in a peaceful way. (Tony Benn)
        • Moderate right-wing and seen as quite liberal. Do not wish to abolish capitalism because capitalism isnt as it was (workers are now more protected) but to adapt it. This is what is most associated with the Labour Party (Anthony Crosland)


Old Sir


A very straightforward outline of the various 'socialist' traditions, this will be useful as a reminder to students at the beginning of the revision process, enabling them to tackle more detailed learning of the arguments that underpin the different approaches.

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