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  • Socialisation
    • 'the process whereby the helpless infant gradually becomes a self-aware knowledgeable person, skilled in the ways of the culture in which he or she was born' - Anthony Giddens
      • Giddens sees socialisation as a fundamental process in societies, and one of the main means by which societies are able to endure, as their culture is passed down from generations to generations.
    • Primary socialisation
      • Takes place within the family. Is often seen as crucially important in helping to shape human beings, but socialisation continues throughout life.
    • Secondary socialisation
      • Takes place later; with education, religion and the mass media being among the most important agents of secondary socialisation.
    • Peer groups
      • A group of people with a similar status - for example, groups of friends, school children in the same year, or colleagues in the same job.
      • Socialisation in the peer group is less hierarchical than the socialisation of children by adults.


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