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  • Social Policy  Family and the Household
    • Feminism
      • Social policies often based on nuclear families.
      • Women are natural carers.
      • Policies are patriarchal
      • Criticisms
        • Not all policies benefit men
          • Equal pay act.
          • Policies are patriarchal
    • Functionalism
      • Prefer Nuclear family
      • Policies benefit everyone
      • Criticisms
        • Marxists argue policies can be reversed
        • Feminists argue family policies only benefit men
        • Functionalists assume there is a march of progress.
    • New Right
      • Prefer Nuclear family.
        • John Major preferred Nuclear families.
          • Prefer Nuclear family
      • Dislike Single parent families
      • Created policies to benefit Nuclear family
      • Murray argues lack male role-models
      • Criticisms
        • Critics argue that it's not right for the government to support one family type.
        • Roles in the nuclear family are socially constructed
    • Family policies in the UK
      • Labour
        • Not about pressuring families to be a specific shape
        • Laws passed
          • Legalised civil partnerships
          • Introduced working tax family credits
          • New Deal
            • Helps people find jobs.
      • Conservative
        • John Major preferred Nuclear families.
          • Laws passed
            • Child Support Act
            • Family law act
              • 1 year waiting period for divorce.
        • Coalition
          • Cut EMA
          • Increased Uni fees.
          • Cut child benefits to the middle class
          • Trying to legalise gay marriages
            • Legalised civil partnerships
          • Cut child benefits to high earner couples.
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