SLT offending

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  • SLT explanation to offending
    • Relates to modelling and vicarious reinforcement
    • 1. Young observer sees older role model with a gun & his friends are telling him how cool he looks [STIMULUS]
      • 2. Observer considers whether he would like that response from his friends or whether it is right [MEDIATING THOUGHT PROCESS]
        • 3. Observer decides he does want this feeling and so gets a gun [OUTPUT]
    • Meredith Kercher 2006
      • Similar case happened in 2007 in Britain
    • SLT explains crime can be commited for different reasons because of peoples individual motivation & expectation differs depending on the role model
    • Evaluation
      • + Recognises individual differences
      • + Less nomothetic
      • - Relies on lab experiments
      • - Excludes the possibility of free will driving behaviour
      • There must have been a "1st person" to commit a crime who wouldnt have learnt from a role model


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