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    • Bandura's BOBO Doll experiment
      • Male and Female children (3-5 yrs)
      • Shown a film of an adult with a lifesized bobo doll
        • 1/2 of adults were aggressive towards the doll
          • These children when put in a room with the bobo doll were aggressive towards the doll
        • 1/2 were not aggressive towards the doll
          • These children were not aggressive towards the doll when let to play
            • Evaluation: Shows us children show this aggressive but not why they would have the motivation to perfrom the same actions
              • Reference the later study of Bandura when adults were punished or rewarded for aggression
                • VICARIOUS LEARNING
            • Boys were more physically aggressive
              • No difference in verbal aggression
    • Learning from direct experience- operant conditioning
      • rewarded for aggression so the behavior is encouraged
      • For SL to take place a child must form mental representation of events in their social environments
      • Expediencies of future Behaviors through representing possible punishments or rewards.
        • If the opp exists they will show aggressive behaviors if the expectatitionof rewards is greater than punishement
    • Production of Behaviour
      • Maintenence through direct experience
        • A child is rewarded for a behavior and gets what they want
          • More likely to repeat the behaviour in the furutre
      • Self Efficacy expectancies
        • Development of confidence in ability to carry out aggressive actions
      • Research Support
        • Applicability to adults
          • Studies are ,mainly on children, what about adult behavior?
            • Phillips found dailyhomicide acts always increased a week after a major boxing match
              • Shows adults may also be affected by SL
        • Individual differences
          • SLT can explain differences in aggressive and non aggressive behaviour.
            • Differences within people can be explained by selective reinforcement
              • People act differently as they have observed people being rewarded and punished for different aggressive acts on different scales
        • Jamie Bulger
          • Real life application
            • SLT through media- they had been watching violent films before the attack on jamie
              • Blue paint in film so they covered jamie in blue paint
      • IDA
          • Difficult to test SLT in experiments
            • Exposing children to aggressive behavior with knowledge they may reproduce the behavior is not ethical
              • Need to protect them from harm
              • Can't test experimental hypotheses so difficult to establish the scientific credibility of the theory by this means


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