The Social Learning Theory and Aggression

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The Stages of The Social Learning Theory





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Factors Required for Social Learning

The model must be similar to the child 

The model is in a position of power 

The child has a high enough sense of self efficacy 

The child sees the model being rewarded or punished (vicarious reinforcement) 

The child forms a mental representation of the events in their social environment and possible rewards or punishments 

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Reasons the Social Learning Theory Cannot be Expla

Only direct experience seen as responsible for acquisition of new behaviours 

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Strengths of the Social Learning Theory

The Role of Punishment 

- Bandura found that learning takes place regardless of reinforcements but production of behaviour is learned 

Applicability to Adults 

- Phillips' post-boxing match week 

Individual Differences 

- Explained through different cultures and the 'culture of violence' theory 

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Weaknesses of the Social Learning Theory

Imposed Etic 

- Western values researching a non-western community 

The Bobo Doll Study Validity 

- Demand characteristics 

Ethical Issues 

- Protection from harm 

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