Social Development - Term 1 lesson 3

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  • Social Development
    • Functions of attachment
      • Secondary Drive Theory
        • Infants attach to a person who provides nurture in the form of food
      • Survival
        • Evolutionary theory- attachment has a critical survival value
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    • Caregiver-infant interactions
      • Interactional synchrony
        • There is reciprocal behaviour between the parent and baby, been likened to a dance
      • Immitation
        • Infants are innately social and will spontaneously copy facial expressions from an adult model
      • Motherese or Parentese
        • Modified language featuring slow paced, high pitched, repetitive, short simple sentences with varied intanation
      • Immediate physical contact
        • Parent and baby should have skin on skin contact from birth to form a bond
      • Sensitive responsiveness
    • Attachment
      • - a desire for closeness or proximity
      • - separation distress caused when tie is broken or disrupted
        • The attachment figure offers comfort and security


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