Social construction of youth

Argues whether society construts out yout of biology 

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  • Social construction of youth
    • Mead- Anthropological study of growing up in somoa and her research showed that not all teenagers experience storm and stress
    • Youth is universal because of hormones teenagers experience when going through puberty. Everyone goes through 'storm and stress'
    • Berger- he argues youthfulness is a state of mind rather than biological age
  • Youth is socially constructed
  • Youth is biologically constructed
  • Postman- Children are exposed to mass media at a young age and experience adult content, which leads to a loss of innocence and a loss of youth
  • Palmer- Refers to a 'toxic childhood' children are emotionally and intellectual development is being damaged by junkfood, powerful media and over testing in school, this again shortens childhood and proves you is socially constructed
  • Aries-  In the middle ages children were considered mini adults and held the same responsibilities. Children were seen as physically independent, Equal to adults and punished equally


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