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  • Social Tension 1713-41
    • Key Features
      • Tensions rose between different groups as they competed for: land, power and money
      • Strained relations between free backs, slaves and colonists
      • Congregationalists tried to prevent  non congregationalists from settling.
      • Inequalities between classes
      • Urban merchants and rural landowners competed over laws and taxes 1730 Virginia Inspection Act favoured large landowners
      • Old settlers resented new ones
        • Resentments towards scots-irish and racism towards germans due to different culture and language
      • Native Americans felt unhappy with expansion of their territory
    • Causes
      • Rapid increase inpopulation
      • Expansion into new territory not purchased by British
      • Migrants from all around into new parts of America from Europe
    • Consequence of
      • Fear of slave rebellions
      • Passion of anti immigration laws, rioting and violence
    • Importance
      • White colonists lived in constant fear of rebellion
      • Tensions established between the colonists and Natives


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